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Thumbnail of a worn out seamless concrete texture in 4K.


Concrete surfaces, clean and worn out, perfect for architecture visualizations and game environments.

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Thumbnail of a high resolution oak surface as seamless 3D texture.


Wood and timber surfaces, perfect for furniture renderings and close up projects that require high res textures.

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Teaser image of paper and cardboard images for DTP mockups and 3D use.

Paper and Cardboard

Paper and cardboard surfaces, perfect for mockup renderings and backgrounds (and treasure maps of course).

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Rendered rock texture with heavy 4K displacement map.

Stone and Rocks

Stone and rock surfaces, perfect for environmental renderings and nature scenes.

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Thumbnail of a histrical wall texture in 4K with high resolution normal map.


Wall surfaces, perfect for architectural renderings, medieval scenarios and post apocalyptic stuff.

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Thumbnail of a free rusty metal texture in 4K.


Metal surfaces, perfect for high res multipurpose projects and if you need your daily dose of rust.

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Thumbnail of a fake leather surface from an old book cover.

Leather & Farbric

Fabric surfaces, perfect for organic and furniture use.

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Vegetation texture in 4K, rendered in Cinema 4D and Corona.


All other stuff, mostly high res vegetation scans for use in games and outdoor renderings.

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