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Welcome to patternpanda.org – your source of free seamless textures, scratchmasks, HDRIs & material packs for 3D renderings, game engines and 2D design.

All materials and textures can be used by the terms of Creative Commons 4.0 (CC BY 4.0).

Free Materials

The materials on this page can be used for commercial and noncommercial projects. Period.
As long as you give proper credit, the images are totally free, so go ahead and make something awesome.

Please refer to the Licensing Section for details.

Extreme high resolution

Every used texture offers a minimum of 2000 px on the smallest side. Most of the photos were taken with the Nikon D800 (35 mm full frame DSLR) with superb optics. So you can get really close in your renderings. To ensure that you no moiré will occur in your work a lot of materials contain textures with resolutions above 4K with improved compressing algorithms.

The High Dynamic Range Images here offer 8K resolution in the standard specification. That means you can use these HDRIs for lighting as well as for background use cases in your renderings.


The Texture Library here is featuring a plain seamless PNG or JPG texture for mockup and 2D design while also every material offers a well filled ZIP file containing not only the texture itself but also a custom made normal map as well as displacement and specular maps. All up to 4K resolution. And this archive is still growing.

With these preconditions you are ready for using the materials in every 3D capable software on the market (Cinema 4D, Blender, Maya, 3ds max, Unity, Modo, Rhino, ...). Just load the maps into the respective channels of your material and you are ready to go.

thumbnail of patternpanda texture and material library

Texture Library

Well-filled library with seamless textures, ready for any kind of creative project. Here you can dig into the whole patternpanda.org texture dataset.

curated cinema 4d material packs

Material Packs

The origins of patternpanda: curated material packs (lib4d) for Cinema 4D. For all the lazy guys out there that don't want to bother with the texture library.

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thumbnail of scratch and worn map for photorealitic renderings


Masks, for photorealistic renderings to simulate damage, weathering and similar natural effects

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thumbnail of free hdri image for rendering

360° HDRI

360-degree high dynamic range panoramic shots that are ideal for the natural lighting of a 3D scene.

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